Gather ye roses

Alfreda Claire Mansell (nee Whitlock)

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death. She died in unusual and tragic circumstances – quite suddenly and far too early. It doesn’t really get easier with time. I feel sad every June 5th about the years she missed and the time I’ve spent not knowing her.

There are no photos of my mother at my wedding and there are no photos of her holding a grandchild. She left us as my sister and I were on the cusp of adulthood.

It’s a sharp reminder, (as if any of us needed one), of mortality.

Poem about my mum’s singing!

2 Replies to “Gather ye roses”

  1. This made me cry. I often hear or see my dad singing Tom Jones, Shirley and Elvis too. He has now been gone 19 years and it still doesn’t get easier. He to was taken from us far to early. He comes to us as a heron. I have just crafted a heron in recycle sea glass , pottery and wood to remember him. It hangs over the wildlife pond I have hand built over the lock down and being furloughed from Seasalt Cornwall, Tenby x

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