Bravery reveals itself variously

My dreams have been peopled with sideshow freaks, circus acts, feats of wild bravery, shrieks and gasps, but right now, the big top has gone and it’s a grey Saturday morning. There are new sounds – distant, homogenised creature noises, and small, purposeful rustlings beside me.

Something is being constructed out of an A4 sheet of paper. Is it a plane, boat, bird – duck or swan? Is it origami practice or a rehearsal for the world napkin-folding championships, (to be held, of course, online)? I can’t guess. Turns out it’s a template for a little piece of lead needed to complete a window repair. This morning’s project, up on scaffolding.

Sweet peas are potted on. The companionless spaniel is cajoled to walk the fields just with us, his brother gone. And another bold act unfolds, live on my phone, as a cousin’s wife in the West Country shaves her head – a glorious red bob – raising money for the NHS. Heroism everywhere.

2 Replies to “Bravery reveals itself variously”

  1. I’m pleased you’ve set this up.. good for the soul to be creative at this time! x

  2. Lovely pic of the old tipi, and lock busting donkey. Interesting life story of your cousin. When I was 7, my older wayward cousin took me to the corner shop to steal me sweets. I was terrified! He was in Borstal by age 14. No contact since until a demand for a copy of my father’s will, p.d.q. after he died. I suspect he didn’t become a reformed character.! Fortunately other cousins were available ☺ Amazing that your parents took Paul in. Head shaving, I have SERIOSLY been thinking about it. Paula xx

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