My cousin Paul died of C-19 a month ago. His mother, Ruby Valerie Jane, my father’s older sister, was a
Earth, sand, mud – what’s not to like if you’re a young child? My daughter and son-in-law have just made
As far as culinary success goes, the last couple of days have been mixed. There was fabulous pizza on Saturday
On Saturday, we moved our pet sheep down from the fields by the bike park to the little paddock opposite
Sleep and dreams are disturbed and strange. Energy plummeted, then has stayed low for days. I am not alone; we
Turns out my son had rescued it. It was on one of the sites where he and his team are
The children had made and coloured in a flag. We brought plates of food. I am surrounded by people who
The donks look awful right now. Their coats are between seasons, and they don’t shed prettily. Twice a year, there’s
Going to the doctor, or the dentist, is viewed currently as a last resort. Other bugs, illnesses and health problems
I found the head. And the spleen. And a speck of blood under my dressing-table this morning. It was my