Life is different, but the 'old normal' shows no sign of returning yet. A steady flow of visitors has been
Today the chaps have been taking down one of the tipi frames in the yard. We’re going to leave one
A friend sent me a picture of the boys making hay a year ago. There was no pandemic, no furlough
I mentioned gluten-free pizza. Finding the perfect flour for a gluten-free pizza dough has taken a long time. But the
Ennio Morricone, conductor, composer and trumpet-player, died yesterday. Amongst a long career of achievements he wrote the scores to over
So, the five-mile-limit will be dropped from Monday in Wales. Since this started I’ve only done one trip beyond this
‘It’s worse than Christmas,’ said the postie. Several building/DIY related parcels arrived for the husband and a gift for me.
The headlines have been proclaiming it’s back to school in Wales. This is an over-statement. The eldest small went back
There is a hole in the conservatory. One of the windows broke last night. It’s been a mostly grey day
Miss Baxter climbed on my keyboard yesterday afternoon. I pushed her off and she fell asleep on my mouse mat,
George the cat seemed confused. Outside the pizza wagon, on the conservatory windowsill, in the yard, up in the vegetable
All four smalls were here yesterday morning; the mother of two of them was doing university work, but the parents
Several of us slept badly on Saturday night – maybe it was the loudness of the rain or the shortness
Two of the smalls were around this morning, while their mother snatched a couple of hours' freedom for studying. We
The farrier has been. We cancelled the last visit because it was too early into lockdown. But, by this week,