On the difficulties of being green

I’m not referring to the Kermit the Frog song. There was once a TV series called ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’,(or rather three series), set in Cornwall. It followed a family’s renovations of a 400 year old farmhouse, and their ‘green’ journey. For a while this was compulsory viewing in our household. I suppose because we were, in a smaller way, doing something similar. But with the added challenge of trying to create a viable business. And without the film crews!

One quotation from the series was – ‘I don’t want to wear a hemp shirt and hairy knickers.’ I have no idea if hairy knickers are, or have ever been, a thing. I can’t imagine anyone wanting them. But hemp shirts – yes. Some of the nicest, comfiest, most treasured items of clothing I have bought for myself or others have been made of hemp.

Trying to be green, or as green as possible, involves making a lot of mistakes. It’s not a state; it’s a  journey with many minor adjustments en route . And, like everything else here, it involves maintenance. Our two solar thermal systems, (for creating hot water), have been underperforming for a while. There’s been no time or spare headspace for the husband,( or son who lives on the farm), to tackle the complex problems. But time became available on Saturday morning, and the solar thermal systems came to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

The process – which was messy and disruptive as often seems to be the case – involved hoses, ladders, running up and down the stairs in the farmhouse and much male shouting. But after a few hours, the mood was positive. ‘We’re on a solar roll,’ said one of my menfolk.

I’d like to report that the solar thermal was indeed fixed on Saturday morning, but alas, absolute joy was fleeting. All is not quite solved yet, but, apparently, we’re going in the right direction.

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