I’ve put two eco pond-clean sachets in the trough in the conservatory wall. Sadly, all is still green, gloom and
Sister Rosalie -(must have been Mary Rosalie but we missed out the Holy Virgin)- used to take us on a
The second May Bank Holiday weekend. Like the first, but gustier. The guys did pizza take-out again on Saturday, minus
Earth, sand, mud – what’s not to like if you’re a young child? My daughter and son-in-law have just made
I will not be knitting my way out of lockdown blues. There will be no pots thrown nor will there
A haiku is a form of poem, originally from Japan. It has three lines, with seventeen syllables, in a 5-7-5
It was my daughter’s birthday on Thursday. Her daytime festivities comprised a walk and a picnic. In late afternoon we
The fridge is full, jam-packed to bursting, from the bottom two salad drawers to the top shelf, with tomatoes, and
Writing my last post was triggered by the NHS lantern suggestion. This reminded me of August 2008 when, for the
I seem to cross the bridge less often these days, and of course, it’s not possible at all right now.