Empty bottle of cordial
"An artist is an ordinary person who can take ordinary things and make them special."  I came across this quote
The first daffodil
The first daffodils. One is flowering and one is almost. It seems extraordinary, as the snow has only gone in
Five degrees today. The frost and ice have gone. As have blue skies. It’s been grey and damp, a light
our new dog enjoying winter weather
Thaw and a theft. It’s sllghtly warmer today, but there are still treacherous icy patches. Water to all the outside
Another year. It’s January 7th . It’s been nearly four months since I last posted. Hope, expectation, disappointment, worry, frustration.
And now it’s September. We have been seizing the day or making the most of a flurry of staycation activity.
It has been a period of incessant activity. Juliet’s birthday, Lammastide and another glorious full moon came and went. Barely
Jane Austen is a regular preoccupation. Though not a complete Janiac, quotes and phrases from her novels do pop into
Life is different, but the 'old normal' shows no sign of returning yet. A steady flow of visitors has been
Today the chaps have been taking down one of the tipi frames in the yard. We’re going to leave one